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Lumaha'i Beach on North Shore Kauai

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Lumahai Beach Kauai where river meets the stream
Photo Courtesy of LisaSeedPhotograpy

Lumaha'i Beach is known for dramatic waves and beautiful scenery. This photo highlights the area of the beach where the Lumahai river meets the stream. You will often find local residents swimming there in the summer when the conditions are calm.

The beach is divided into the Kahalahala and Lumahai sections, The Lumahai section to the west is open to the strong ocean currents. The eastern side, Kahalahala, is protected by rocks and is relaltively calm.

This Kauai Beach is loved for relaxation and beach walks, and not water activities. If you visit in the winter months take care and stay above the basalt ledge that is swept by the very strong surf and undercurrents. It can look safe for a moment and then suddenly be covered by a wall of water. As always,. If in doubt about swimming conditions at any Kauaii Beach check for beach conditions.

The beach parking lot is on the Lumahai or west side of the beach, Bring your beach chairs and set up in the shade of the lava walls The beach walk is two miles round trip in soft sand, prepared for a good workout. The sound of the crashing waves, the challenge of skipping over the clusters of rocks and the unique vegetation all add to the setting for one of the best beach walks on Kauai.

This spectacular Kauai beach is one of the great spots on the North Shore. The beach became better known after the filming of the movie, South Pacific in 1958..


Hint: Visit Lumahuli Botanical Garden about 4 miles north

Hint: If you are interested in visiting Ke'e Beach you will need a parking and beach entry ticket prior to your visit. Parking is limited. See Kauai North Shore Shuttle for information to purchase the required parking and entry permits.


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