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Hanalei Bay: The Beach, the Parks and the Magic

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Hanalei Bay may be the most popular beach on Kauai. Each time I visit this beautiful place on the North Shore of Kauai, I am surprised to find new way to see the simple beauty of this two mile crescent stretch of beach. For me, on this particular day, the beach, parks, mountains and ocean showed up in a spectacular way.

Just a few steps onto the Hanalei Pavilion Beach a piece of the usual pink flowering vine greeted me.. A pretty good welcome, considering the devastation to Hanalei left by the floods of 2018, That set the theme of this visit, to look for any artifact to share with new travelers to this beach. Most challenging was trying to etch and catch "Hanalei Bay" at the oceans edge before a set of waves washed it away.

There are two stretches along Hanalei Bay that have Beach Parks with picnic tables, wide grassy areas to lounge in the shade, restrooms and parking areas. There are two lifeguard stations on the Bay, Hanalei Pavilion and Pine Trees. The Hanalei Pavillion is located at the smaller section of Waioli Beach Park and has one parking lot. Pine Trees is located further down on the second and larger Park. There are two parking lots for this area of Hanalei Bay.

Black Pot Beach, also located on Hanalei bay is located between the mouth of the Hanalei River and the Hanalei Pier. This is where you will find surf and paddle board rentals and lessons. The new parking lot and park opened in mid 2019. Parking is directly off Weke Road, Restrooms are in the process of being rebuilt. There are portable restrooms in the interim.

If you are driving to or taking the Kauai North Shore Shuttle to Lumahi Beach, Tunnels, Haena Beach Park or Ke'e Beach you will catch a glimpse of Halanei Bay from the road. There is a tiny bit of beach there, parking is very limited and beach access is difficult.

Hanalei Beach is known for great surfing in the winter and is a swimmer's delight in the summer. Summertime is the time for boating. This is also the time of year to sechedule a cruise leaving from Halanei Bay. There is no better way to view the Napali Coast, go out for a snorkeling adventure or a romantic Sunset Cruise. Note that cruises are also available year round from Port Allen. The Bay and its activities change by the season. Hanalei Bay is back from from the flood. Come to Kauai. Bring your spirit of Aloha to this magical place.

Hanalei Bay is fourteen miles from Hale Kokio Vacation Rental. We are happy to share what we know and love about Kauai to travelers to North Shore Kauai.


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