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Exciting New Options in Kilauea Kauai

Updated: Feb 3

Kilauea town has risen from a sleepy town into more of a bustling marketplace. Many locals felt it would ruin the town with the introduction of the new shopping center, but it has only brought life and business to the north shore.

The construction was tastefully completed and there is a nice island style vibe that feels clean and fresh. The area has brought thoughtfully designed shops own by small local businesses.

A favorite new restaurant is Avalon Gastropub which was finished beautifully with live edge slab tables and bar top. They have the largest selection of fine liquors in the state.

Kauai Juice also has a new shop and offers fresh pressed juices, kombucha, and local and organic prepared foods. Don’t miss Kilauea Fish Market for an ono fish wrap and be sure to stop into Kai Bar and Trilogy Coffee!

Consider a peek into Kilauea Jewelry and Kilauea Surf and Skate for a gift or treat..


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